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Dec 24, 2012 10:00pm PST
choice for technology for those pipe repairs. there had been concerns about whether the repairs would use the best technology and would be inherently safer than what the fire code requires. a leaking pipe is believed to have caused the august fire some 15,000 people complained of illness from that fire. >>> the holiday rush was on all day as last minute shoppers hit the malls in force. as ktvu's christien kafton reports from san francisco, we will see more of that shopping frenzy in days to come. >> stand nice and tall. all right. >> reporter: while some are depending on santa claus for those last minute gifts, many grabbed bag after bag of goodies to bring home for christmas eve. some say it just doesn't feel like christmas without the adrenaline rush of shopping. >> i would like to consider myself a fourth quarter player. i step up down the stretch. and that's what i'm all about performing when it's crunch time. >> reporter: managers at the westfield shopping center say usually activity builds week by week following thanksgiving but that wasn't the case this year. >> we had really s
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm PST
locking device inside their car. ktvu's patti lee caught up with some that are saying the technology is missing the mark. >> reporter: we sat in on a mandatory treatment session for men arrested while driving under the influence. some are repeat offenders. >> today i introduce senate bill 55. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill introduced a bill that would require drivers convicted of a second dui offense to install an ignition interlock device or iid on their car for one year. the iid would prevent the car from starting. if there's alcohol on the drive's breath. >> we tried increasing fines, we've tried to revoke licenses to deter those chronic offenders but we need to do more to save lives. >> reporter: according to the most recent chp statistics drunk driving killed 1,200 californians in 2009, for those arrested of driving under the influence near 20% are second offenders. >> a lot of time these poor judgment calls result in very tragic events. >> reporter: paul chang oversees the treatment of thousands of people arrested while driving drunk. he says the bill is well intentioned
Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm PST
technology showed these two streets to be thick with celebratory gunfire last year. which is why officers are warning households tonight. >> happy new year. >> reporter: this new year's eve knock from east palo alto police includes a warning on how not to celebrate. >> if they discharge a firearm in the neighborhood it's a felony. >> reporter: where gunfire has erupted in years past. yet, those shots rang out in a field even as the warnings were being issued. then even more gunfire. traceable to a specific address by shot spotter sensors scattered across east palo alto. >> a lot of times by the time we get there, they're fleeing the scene. >> reporter: last year, the system counted 118 incidents, many marked m, for multiple rounds. no one was arrested, but no one hurt either, as fers were able to swarm shooting sites immediately. >> we're hoping we're able to get them out there quick enough. >> and hoping to keep them from continuing. >> yeah, that's our main point at this point, just to deter them. >> you can hear around the neighborhood. >> reporter: the families who worry abou
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3